The Head Injury

I came to believe in God at a fairly early age.  Somewhere around the age of 10 my grandmother was suffering from cancer. I remember my mother talking about her suffering.  I also remember being told about how much better Heaven was going to be than earth.  So one night I prayed that God would take Grandma to Heaven so she could feel better and be happy. That night she went to be with God and Jesus.

Shortly after this, I fell out of a haymow.  I fell nearly 15-18 ft. head first on cement.  I was unconscious, unresponsive, and thought to be dead.  My brother did CPR on me and I started breathing.  I remained unconscious for 3-4 days and spent another 14 days in the hospital and another 2 weeks out of school.  I can’t say that I had an out of body experience, but I do believe God brought me back because He had a plan for me.

I believe God has blessed me and therefore I need to give back to Him.  I try to do this by sharing what He has given me for the more I share, the more He blesses me.  When I talk of his giving, it’s not just monetary.  It is also skills of doing different things.  If I can help someone and they in turn can help someone else.  It ends up making a long trail of giving and helping.

I do not believe God does things against us or to hurt us, but like the book of Job, he allows the Devil to do things so He can show the Devil our faith in Him.  That seems to be a hard thing for lots of people to understand.

Knowing God is in my life makes getting up every morning easy.  I have made many wrong turns in life but God is always there to show me the way back to the main road.  I always figure the best way to know if you’re doing right, is to ask yourself, “If Jesus was standing here would He be shaking his head yes or no?”